Beginner Spanish Level:

The beginner Spanish level appeals to students who have never studied Spanish before or who know very little about the Spanish language. In this course our students study the basics, such as how to present yourself, numbers, present tense (regular and irregular verbs), frequent vocabulary, and an easy way of expressing past and future tenses. Students also practice speaking about everyday life and these routines. This experience also immerses each student in the rich culture of Ecuador. The beginner level conveys the basics of Spanish to further build on.

Intermediate Spanish Level:

In the intermediate Spanish level students learn by listening and speaking in and outside of class. They expand their vocabulary and learn pronouns, adverbs, past tenses, and imperative tense. With these Spanish skills students are able to learn more about the Ecuadorian culture and as well as converse with the Ecuadorian people.

Advanced Spanish Level:

At first students will review Spanish skills previously acquired. Advanced students will learn more past and future tenses and their uses, as well as improve listening, speaking, reading, and comprehension skills. Additionally, students will expand their oral fluency and vocabulary by practicing oral tasks and having conversations with the professor in class and speaking with Ecuadorians outside of class.

Superior Spanish Level:

The superior level of Spanish is the highest level of Spanish. Students will learn all indicative and the subjunctive tenses. They will be able to read literature, participate in in-depth conversations, and be able to speak fluently. Students will expand vocabulary and have the skills necessary to talk about and discuss nearly every topic. The aim of this course is to enable the student to speak like a native. The lessons are created more for real conversations and to fill in vocabulary gaps while talking about different topics. The superior level enforces skill necessary to discuss and express his/herself in a fluent way.


Other Classes:
The Instituto Superior de Español also offers speciality courses in business-Spanish and medical-Spanish, etc. Let us know your speciality interests and we will design a course especially for you! These courses are only available as individual lessons.