Instituto Superior de Español

Because of our very well 22 years experience teaching Spanish language to foreigners, Instituto Superior de Español knows that only professional teachers with university degrees are able to teach qualified Spanish classes. Only a university degree guarantees that someone may be a good teacher to teach Spanish to foreigners.

We are the only school in which every teacher owns University degrees of Latin American Literature and Linguistics. All of them are well experienced and most already give lessons for years.

Contract young people without university degree to teach Spanish and pay them for each hour of instruction is cheap but in the law of Ecuador is illegal. In the law of Ecuador teachers has to receive 15 full salaries per year, social security paid for each month and paid vacations. The Instituto Superior de Español is the only Spanish school in Ecuador which has 100% of teachers with university degree (all of them have studied to be teachers) and the only Spanish school in Ecuador which pays professional and complete salaries to all of our appointees.

Moreover, our teachers are all native Ecuadorians, which enables students to have a deeper contact with the Ecuadorian culture, history and lifestyle. The teachers may help better with solving problems if a student has got problems with his/her host family because of cultural differences.


ISE - teacherTania:

She is working at our schools for several years; she holds her teaching degree of language since 1994 and since then she is a member of our established staff. She is a well-educated woman, proved in spotting students weaknesses and casting them out. Tania teaches Spanish with us in Quito, in the Amazon Jungle, in the Travelling Classroom and in the Galapagos Islands.


From: Universidad Central del Ecuador (1988-1994)

With: a teaching degree


ISE - teacherMilton:

He is working at the institute since 1999 and known as a good teacher for beginners because of his frank and funny style of teaching. As an example, he is very patient in explaining and practicing verbs and their conjunctions.


From: Universidad Central del Ecuador (1991-1995)

With: a teaching degree


ISE - teacherPaola C.:

Since 2001 she is teaching at our institute. The fact that she has two degrees, one in Teaching and one in Tourism makes her be the perfect choice to run the traveling classes, the Amazon Jungle program, the Galapagos programs, and of couse in Quito. By having a degree in Tourism she knows a lot about the nature and its specialties in Ecuador.


From: Universidad Central del Ecuador (1998-2002) / Escuela Politecnica del Ejercito (2002-2006)

With: a teaching degree and a tourism degree


ISE - teacherTito:

He joined us in 1994. He holds degrees in teaching and journalism and he is one of our traveling classroom teachers. Furthermore, he is very interested in Latin American Art and History. He is a well-read man loving to teach Spanish to foreign students.


From: Universidad Central del Ecuador (1988-1995) / Universidad Catolica (2001-2005)

With: a teaching degree and a journalism degree


ISE - teacherFanny:

She has been with us since 2009. She is very kind, patient and helpful when the students need any kind of information. She likes to work in conversation always depending on the topics that the students are interested in. She likes to improve the language doing many activities in the class trying to keep the attention in order to create a good environment.


From: Universidad Central del Ecuador (2003 – 2007)

With: A teaching degree