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Learn Spanish in Otavalo

Learn Spanish in OtavaloThe Spanish School in Otavalo is located in the heart of Otavalo, just a minute's walk from Otavalo's famous craft market in the Plaza de Ponchos.

Otavalo, a small indigenous town of the north Andean countryside, is located just two hours north of Quito. It has been made famous by the incredible success of its indigenous population selling artisan crafts and quality textiles in the international arena. This is a great spot to practice Spanish and become more acquainted with indigenous populations and their incredible history.


A growing but peaceful city (with a population of around 35 000), Otavalo is situated in a valley in the shadow of the extinct Volcan Imbabura to the South and further North the extinct Cotocachi. It is the main city on the North-South route from Quito along the Pan-American Highway.

Otavalo is famous for its huge artisan, indigenous market where lots of tourists buy all the typical souvenirs of Ecuador. The market takes place every day but on Saturday it is even bigger because there are more tourists.

Most of the indigenous people in the area are living in the villages around Otavalo. Otavaleños still remain traditional in their dress. Men have long hair, rope sandals, ponchos in blue or grey, with pants and felt hats. Women also wear the rope sandals and ponchos, but to cover their head they use interesting folded skirts and shawls. In addition they sometimes wear jewels made out of golden glass and on their arms they wear red beads.

During the week, the Instituto Superior de Español organizes trips to the sights nearby. The students visit the Cuicocha, which is a lake on top of the Cotacachi volcano. The indigenous call this lake “Laguna de los dioses,” the Lake of the gods. In the middle of it there are two small islands and it is possible to take boat trips. Other sights the students may visit are the ”Lago san Pablo,” another beautiful lake, the “Cascada de Peluche,” a cascade nearby , and other indigenous villages. This is a great chance to experience and know more about the indigenous culture.

You will have all the advantages of our Quito Spanish school, like the 24 hours emergency phone number, a teacher with a university degree of teaching and the guarantee of continuity of studying.


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