Let us help you arrange other excursions! We have contacts with reputable agencies and can organize different activities and excursions depending on your preferences. From Puerto Ayora take a day trip or we can arrange an overnight stay on various inhabited islands. Let us know your desires and we will plan an unforgettable trip!


Las Bachas Beach

Las Bachas - photo ISE

This beautiful beach is made of decomposed coral that has created the sensuous soft white sand covering it. Bachas Beach is a favourite nesting site for sea turtles and chill out spot for tourists!

Close to the beaches there is a small brackish water lagoon, where occasionally it is possible to observe flamingos and other coastal birds, such as black-necked stilts and wimbrels.


Bartolome Island

Sunset in Bartolome - photo Marcel Truog


A short boat ride from Puerto Ayora is Bartolome Island. Know for Pinnacle Rock, a distinctive rock formation.  Bartolome has two visitor centers. The first is a well constructed wooden walk way to the summit of the island from where you can look out over the ocean and the islands observing a variety of volcanic formations, spatter, tuff cones, lava flows and lava tubes. The moon like landscape provides the most scenic panorama of the archipelago. The second site is a beautiful beach alongside the famous Pinnacle rock where you can swim and snorkel. Lucky visitors may see penguins, sea lions, multi coloured fish and the occasional sea turtle. On the other side of this beach, across the isthmus, you will encounter another beach where numerous reef sharks gather at the shore making it impossible to swim but an interesting observation site.


Plazas Island

Plazas Island - photo Marcel Truog

Home to one of the largest populations of iguanas and prickly pear cactus, these twin islands were formed by geological uplift. Marvel at the extraordinary vegetation and breath taking views. From the steep cliffs of the island you will see sea lions, swallow tailed gulls, red-billed tropic birds, frigate birds, and brown pelicans.


North Seymour

Fragata in North Seymour - photo Marcel Truog

This is a low, flat island, formed as a result of submarine lava formation uplift. It is covered with low, bushy vegetation, which contains the largest colony of magnificent frigate birds on the Galapagos. There is also a large population of blue-footed boobies that perform an amusing courtship dance, when nesting conditions are right. This goofy stride, raising high their blue feet in slow motion, wing spreading, whistling and honking; is one of the highlights of North Seymour Island.