Instituto Superior de Español works with several volunteer organizations to help our students find volunteer positions of social or environmental benefit.

The minimum period for volunteering is 1 week with no upper limit for participation. In the case that volunteers wish to volunteer with one of these projects for more than 3 months our school will help students organize their volunteer visa, before they come to Ecuador, we provide all necessary documents.

Normally all volunteer programs ask for a contributory payment. This payment in the case of children's organizations will help them to buy teaching or didactical material and in case of environmental organizations it will help them to cover the costs of their programs, from volunteer food and accommodation to resources for development projects.

Volunteer payments run from US$50 to US$750 per month. Some organizations ask for an application payment of around US$35.


Children Organizations


In Otavalo - Village for Orphaned and Abandoned Children living with HIV/AIDS

This is a non-profit Foundation lead by Ecuador’s Franciscan Order.  They maintain the first Franciscan Village for orphaned and abandoned children living with HIV/AIDS for the ones who need to be taken temporarily or permanently in order for them to have a normal emotional and healthy life with education.  They also inform and educate the public about how to prevent HIV/AIDS.

Volunteers are very welcome. This Foundation provides meals and accommodation for free.


  • Minimum 2 weeks of Spanish classes at "Instituto Superior de Español"
  • At least intermediate level of Spanish
  • To be very responsible in the volunteer program


Fundación Niñez y Vida

This foundation has been working in Ecuador for the past 20 years. Our work concentrates on developing marginal urban areas in Quito. We work with children aged 2 to 17, providing various programs, which specifically address their needs.



National Environmental Organizations



FUNDECOIPA is a non-profit community based NGO founded with the aim of creating community development in the indigenous communities of Pastaza.

The foundation manages the 2710 hectare Arutam Rainforest Reserve and provides volunteer, tourism and research opportunities within the reserve and Shuar communities Arutam and Musap.


Jatun Sacha Foundation

The Jatun Sacha Foundation (JSF) offers Ecuador volunteer programs with opportunities to develop a wide variety of activities including data field research, environmental education, community service, plant conservation, agro forestry, and reserve maintenance along with the smaller objectives that include the promotion of biodiversity conservation, research, education, and other community programs. Activities are carried out in each of their 8 biological stations.


El Arca

This project mainly strives to protect, study, and reintegrate animals in danger within the Amazon Basin. Volunteers are needed for: feeding, medical care, cleaning the cages, research assistance, as well as guiding tourists around the property.



Centro de Rescate Merazonia is an NGO located in one of the most beautiful areas in Ecuador where the Andes meet the Amazon. Located in 250 acres of rainforest they are in the process of building a rescue center for trafficked animals.

If you are looking to get off the beaten track and volunteer in the Ecuadorian jungle then please help them. They live in the laid back environment of Mera and presently have a rustic house with views of mountains, jungle and rivers all around them.


For more information Contact Us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.