Eugenio Cordova, the Director of the Instituto Superior de Español, has a Bachelor's degree in Spanish Language and Latin American Literature and another university degree as an Engineer in International Business. He received his degree in Spanish Literature from the Universidad Central del Ecuador (1986-1991), with a final grade of 9.98/10, the best grade received in 20 years! During his 4 years at this University, Eugenio was the Student Body President of 15,000 students.

Eugenio achieved his Engineer in International Business degree at the Universidad del Pacífico (1998-2004); with a reputation as one of the best Universities in Ecuador that only accepts students with excellent grades at the high school level.

Throughout his academic career Eugenio also concentrated on issues mainly concerning the development and betterment of teaching practices. It was while studying Spanish and Literature that he decided Quito would be an ideal place to open a school foreigners to learn Spanish, for the people in Quito speak with a clear dialect. In 1988, the Instituto Superior de Español opened their first school.